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A locksmith understands that shopping for locks can be challenging. There are a great deal of options and every type offers varying security measures for consideration. This page will provide an overview of the most used options and just how they work.

Dead Bolts

You will find three primary choices for dead bolts. The first one is a single-sided lock that's standard sized. An integral cylinder is found outside with thumb-turns within that get this to lock among the most popular locks for houses. Another type is called the double dead bolt, comprised over a key cylinder on the outside and inside. This sort of dead bolt needs a key to unlock. Locksmiths recommend a vital end up on or near a residential double dead bolt should an emergency exit become mandatory. The 3rd type is really a lockable thumb turn. An individual locks the inner thumb-turn adding great flexibility pertaining to security.


Padlocks have a limited variety. Basically, there are two options re-keyable and non-rekeyable. A locksmith can change the main element if the padlock is re-keyable. Padlocks may use a shrouded shackle. This increases security since the shoulders from the padlock are elevated up alongside of the shackle. This function causes it to be hard for bolt cutters to cut the lock.

Lever Handle Locks:

Commonly found on inner doors in the commercial location, lever handle locks have a big push-down handle for opening a door. Frequently chosen more than a knob lock, lever tresses are simpler to open with all the push down feature, versus having to rotate the knob.

Knob Locks:

Frequently seen in residential dwellings, the knob lock isn't a recommended supply of to safeguard the surface doors. Since the locking cylinder is located in the knob, it can easily become detached or bypassed with the right tools. Locksmiths recommend replacing knob locks on exterior doors with passage knobs, providing similar safety measures of a dead bolt.

Cam Locks:

Cam locks have various uses but are widely used in file cabinets. The metal piece about the back may be the primary variable when deciding among toolbox latch. Known as the "cam," it is the tailpiece from the lock also it borders your locking instrument. Cam locks are available in a wide variety along with a locksmith can assist if you need advice about the best cam lock for security.

With this information, you're sure to select the right lock to your requirements!