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A locksmith knows that shopping for locks can be tough. There are a great deal of options and each type offers varying security measures for consideration. This page will give you an introduction to the most popular options and the way they work.

Dead Bolts

You will find three primary selections for dead bolts. The first is a single-sided lock that's standard sized. An integral cylinder is located outside with thumb-turns within that make this lock one of the more popular locks for houses. Another type is recognized as the double dead bolt, comprised over a key cylinder on the outside and inside. This sort of dead bolt requires a key to unlock. Locksmiths recommend an integral be left on or near a residential double dead bolt should an urgent situation exit become mandatory. The third type is really a lockable thumb turn. The user locks the inner thumb-turn adding great flexibility regarding security.


Padlocks use a limited variety. Basically, there are two options re-keyable and non-rekeyable. A locksmith can transform the key when the padlock is re-keyable. Padlocks may use a shrouded shackle. This increases security as the shoulders from the padlock are elevated up along the sides from the shackle. This function causes it to be hard for bolt cutters to cut the lock.

Lever Handle Locks:

Commonly located on inner doors in a commercial location, lever handle locks get this amazing push-down handle for opening a door. Frequently chosen on the knob lock, lever locks are better to open with the push down feature, versus needing to rotate the knob.

Knob Locks:

Frequently found in residential dwellings, the knob lock is not a recommended way to obtain security for the surface doors. As the locking cylinder is located within the knob, it can be broken off or bypassed with the appropriate tools. Locksmiths recommend replacing knob locks on exterior doors with passage knobs, providing similar security measures of the dead bolt.

Cam Locks:

Cam locks have various uses but are commonly used in file cabinets. The metal piece on the back is the primary variable when deciding among rv door lock. Known as the "cam," it is the tailpiece with the lock also it borders your locking instrument. Cam locks can be found in all kinds and a locksmith can help if you need advice regarding the best cam lock for security.

Using this information, you're sure to choose the right lock for your needs!