A complete guide to the garden room

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Need more space at home and don't want to spend the time and money on expansion? The garden room is the perfect solution and offers a gym, study and entertainment area. However, garden rooms are much more complex than building a simple building. Here you will find everything you need to consider before choosing a garden room that suits your needs.
What is your garden room used for?
Home offices have very different requirements compared to outdoor areas and fun gyms. Ask yourself the following questions
I need electricity
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Connecting a garden room to the network requires the work of a registered electrician. Armored cables pass through the yard and can cost up to £ 500. It may sound like a big deal, but it can change your life. With electricity, the garden space can be used as an area instead of a separate garden room to relax in the summer. The possibilities are endless!
Do you need a WiFi connection?
How far is the garden from the house? Can I use a signal amplifier or need a new connection?
Is there another field?
What happens to everything in the apartment if the garden room goes where the canopy was? Custom rooms can include individual closets as well as complex rooms that provide everything you need.
Is it used all year round?
Throughout the year, rooms must be well insulated, heated and ventilated. That adds cost and can add complexity to the project. Home gyms can be properly insulated and ventilated so that heating can be completely bypassed. Are you really working hard when you're not warming up?
Need a personalized garden room?
The personalized garden room offers everything you've always dreamed of. Whether you are planning something really impressive with an architect or designing something yourself, custom structures can meet every need. Functional and aesthetic. Sit down and leave it to the master.
Can I do it alone?
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There are many ways to purchase a do-it-yourself kit. Remember, however, that enough experience is needed to build up solids that allow air to move under the garden room to prevent moisture buildup and cause decay and decomposition. Buy kits and build builders, even if your design skills aren't up to date.
Sometimes, the outside eye opens up possibilities you have never seen before.
Ask a friend to discuss the details. Find the perfect place in the garden and consider ecological options such as solar panels and green spaces. If possible, you can also visit other facilities with garden rooms to understand how to make the most of yours. Look for new ideas on the web.
A garden building permit is required in the following cases:
-The story is 4 meters high
-Does not occupy more than half the area of ​​the original house
-Not used as home
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Everything else is unlicensed and requires a building permit. However, we recommend that you contact your local government before starting work.

Garden rooms can bring new life to your home and add value. If you want to know how to make extra space, consider a garden room where you can live the best life!