Did anyone take Aubagio for multiple sclerosis, and what were the side effects and tolerability

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I took Aubagio and this relates only my ordeals.

It produced my MS even worse. The numbness in my ft reached a new amount and even my tongue was numb. I obtained off the drug within a pair months and went back to Rebif.

However, a single of my closest close friends with MS like Aubagio fairly a bit. ‘Mary’ has been on Aubagio for some time and does properly on it. I gave her my left more than thirty day period of two of Aubagio, because the dosage was the very same.

MS is a strange aubagio teriflunomida precio en Ciudad de Mexico condition and many folks have diverse ordeals with medications. Some tolerate the Interferons only, even though other people can just take Tysabri without contracting PML As with every thing else that is MS-related, verify with your neurologist about your treatment options.

I started Aubagio about 2–1/2 many years back. I experienced been on Tysabri for two many years and switched to Aubagio.

The initial 6 months weren’t too poor. Then I started out noticing some previous symptoms coming again. Which is when I uncovered that it takes about 6 months for the consequences of the Tysabri to really put on off.

At this position my spasticity indicators have reached new heights. I’m anxious because, by my standard routine, I’m thanks to begin getting bigger troubles quickly.

Edit: I can’t imagine I wrote this whole solution and never listed facet consequences and tolerability!

At initial I had problems with an upset abdomen. I would have diarrhea virtually every early morning for the first couple of weeks. That slowly transpired less and less usually.

Each given that the starting I have experienced some hair loss and it has not grown back again.