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Dubai is really a beautiful city located in UAE, today is one of the hottest destinations for tourists all over the world. In spite of this, many people do not know where Dubai is located, never to name important facts including the currency, customs and language spoken. Should you be considering to Dubai, you must have familiarity with this and many things, and the the easy way obtain it is via a dubai desert safari.

Dubai is surely an interesting city not merely due to its beauty, but additionally because is within many aspects dissimilar to a town within the "Western World". As one example of this we now have that the week differs from ours. Weekends in Dubai take presctiption Thursdays and Saturdays! But there's many more on this city than just trivial facts.

A great travel guide allow you to find out about the currency, the etiquette in common situations for example taking photographs (were you aware that taking photos to women on the street is recognized as offensive?), the most notable places and you'll discover services of different kinds, the laws you need to abide in Dubai (as an example you aren't permitted to possess alcohol in restaurants), and well needless to say, the top places to have fun and relish the attractions this city has to offer.

But there is more information you could have on the Dubai travel guide, especially useful if you are interested in going to live to Dubai. For those who have seen pics of Dubai, you might have desired to go and live there! You can learn about many aspects of living and dealing in Dubai which is good to know ahead of your visit. Details will include information about free zones, expat packages, terms of nationalization, the best jobs to have at Dubai, and ways to access local employment agencies.

As you can see this information is essential, and makes a travel guide a must, to prevent surprises and also have help while planning your vacation.