Four pillars of economic intelligence

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Otherwise: If you pay yourself first, you do not have to spend money on yourself, but you do have to spend money on food. The money saved needs to be invested in "productive assets", so you need to invest in at least some of them. These “revenue-generating resources” become more profitable resources. There are photos!
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The third pillar is designed to make more money, including the idea that work should not be relied on as the sole source of income (WORK = Just Over Broke Remember). I'm not talking about working in a pub at Tesco or putting shelves on shelves if I encourage them to make other sources of income. If you enjoy more than these activities require, there are ways to make more money in less time. As a loyal reader of my article, you do not dream of suggesting to think about this.
There are many ways to generate more passive income, but it is beauty that many of the methods taught at Money Gym can be done only once and continue to create a passive income stream that matures later.

And, for example, when first proposing to increase passive income from online shopping, rentals, part-time contracts, stock markets, etc., "Oh, isn't that really dangerous?"
Betting on another transfer, one completely controlled, is a risk! I just want £ 1,000 each time I'm kicked out of the bar for arbitrary reasons. Some sectors are worse than others, so you need to look around to see what's happening in your sector recently. Are you fine and safe? I doubt it ...
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When trusting pensions to secure income, when retiring, when pensions are invested in the stock market (many "experts" see the value of stocks drop dramatically towards the end of the last decade) I believe that.) ....... it's dangerous!
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The fourth pillar is “financing”. This is to learn how to translate further transfers of income safely, and above all, into more appropriate and passive passive income flows. It does not talk about the low interest rates that banks and construction companies have to pay. Aya (laughed loudly when I saw a bank open a 5% interest rate deposit in such a fanfare!)
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No, we're talking about investing your money in the "supermodel" of the investment world: vehicles that generate at least 20% annual revenue, and "fathers" when you get unlimited returns on investment .
Here's how you withdraw money and still get passive income from your initial investment.
This means creating a cash bank over and over again, creating more passive revenue streams and seeing the snowball effect it generates. My friends Andy and Greg took a small amount of money (actually a credit card) and created a portfolio of over 270 assets in just 10 years, over £ 3.7 million.