How Remove Your Content courts controversy

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It appears that today as part of your when you perform certain searches you run into what were top-ranked web sites bearing DMCA notices. These notifications are typically proven to signify web sites that have infringed copyright up publishing information without proper permission. Eric Green is recognized as a web-based number that operates the Remove your Content campaign to bring to light such web sites and ask them to shutdown. Unfortunately many of the web developers of these websites are contending that his actions are not appropriate as their content they did post was not copyrighted at all and for that reason is free to be used in the public domain.

Actually a good number of the reported site builders claim that Eric Green is applying this approach to push out competitors and drive more traffic to his or her own site. It has been described severally on numerous sites that he's their own porn site and that many of his targets are among the most widely used free porn sites on the web. Others claim that he will be used as something by sites. Many of these claims are now actually as a result of be shown in court as Eric Green fights straight back against detractors.

It would seem that besides suing against defamation, he's also alleging risks having been made against him by these people. Overall web sites have presumably been created where people have posted unfavorable statements against him and some have already been identified and power down. Whether he does achieve suing these opponents, it does serve as an essential lesson for site developers and owners to ensure whatever they post is not illegal, as not only may possibly it lead to you facing legal action, but in addition losing your revenue resource. More: Related Site.