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The bottom line is branding can be looked at as providing your businesses products using a unique name and identity your customers will recognise and recall favourably when creating a selection between you and your competitors. Corporate identity and branding are closely linked as the former concept reflects and encompasses another. The identity is related to the company philosophy as well as the branding can make the philosophy tangible along with visible as a legal entity by way of a trademark.

Due to the overwhelming variety of brands available giving your product or service an original name and identity is not a simple process and Seth Godin gave some useful advice as he said "Today, the main one sure method to fail will be boring. Your one opportunity for success will be remarkable." In the competitive arena he suggests that making remarkable products is what sets a business besides all other similar competitive products. Remarkable products therefore will even require remarkable branding and consequently also Brand Identity Packages. The packaging cannot have an incongruous complement the brand name. If you sell goat's milk your branded packaging should reflect this and what goat's milk buyers wish to see.

This brings us to the aim of market and consumer analysis to obtain an notion of precisely what appeals to your particular target audience to be able to match it towards the branded packaging accordingly. The ultimate purpose of your company is to generate money and therefore to create sales. When customers value your product, brand awareness increases and repeat sales are generated which then adds to your important thing. Conducting surveys with consumers can be quite a useful tool in determining whether your branded packaging is performing its job and it is a method to locate trends that may result in strengthening your brand. The pinnacle of branded glory happens when something brand becomes synonymous with the item and enters the psyche of a population. Among my favourites is the term 'hoovering' rather than 'vacuuming'.

Branded packaging need not incorporate complex designs and hues to function. For example take the Nike 'swoosh' - it's easy, easily recognisable, and simply reproducible with enormous brand equity.