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Doggy Style sex is probably the most performed Kama Sutra positions with regards to the Kama Sutra. The positioning is well regarded by many since it is supposedly the best position to reach the infamous G just right the female partner. Below we will give you quick tips to the doggy style position.

-A brief history

The career has been around for several years. The position entails the female taking a dog position (retiring on hands and knees) after which the male penetrates from behind. Many men dream about doggy style sex and fantasies about this Kama Sutra position can go wild in many a guys mind around the globe.

-The how to guide

The career is not loved by everyone, especially romantic types, because there is no staring in the eyes or intense kissing during the intercourse. The Kama Sutra position is simple to practise like a woman lays down on hands and knees after which it a male comes behind her and retain her hips or back whilst penetrating her. Depending on how wide the female spreads the legs a mans might need to be on his knees too while performing the sex position.


Due to the nature of this Kama Sutra position the penetration is deeper than during other positions. The Kama Sutra gets much passion for this position since it stimulates the G spot on the female and it is also possible to stimulate other parts of the vagina with respect to the angle of entry.

-Plus Points

The truth that the male stands or sits behind the girl makes it possible to enjoy the penetration more then when looking at the partner. There's no need to worry about how one looks neither is there the requirement to keep looking at each others eyes. The Kama Sutra position called Doggy Style is also famed for being able to induce multiple orgasms, both clitoral and vaginal, as well as a deeper penetrating sensation.


As a result of man being behind the woman in this Kama Sutra act many people find the position to become too "dominating" for the male. The positioning is, however capable of providing extreme pleasure for both parties in the event the male just isn't too eager and pushing way too hard. This can unbalance the lady and make it a painful experience. If executed correctly by each party there need not be any drawbacks for the Doggy Style Kama Sutra position.

-When where?

This position can be carried out at almost anytime as well as in any place. A lot of people choose this Kama Sutra position when they're in need of unbridled sex and fiery passion. The career is not advised to use by young people or new partners as you should know each others body before engaging in Doggy Style sex.