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Lightning strikes often cause fires in the area, but have worsened this year due to summer temperatures and are higher than average due to climate change.
Clouds of fire smoke can be seen from space.
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Mark Parrington, a forest firefighter at Copernicus' Air Monitoring Service (Cams), described this as "unprecedented."
How bad
Hundreds of fires have occurred mainly in uninhabited areas of eastern Russia, northern Scandinavia, Greenland and Alaska.
However, smoking affects the environment and completely occupies certain areas.
Air quality in cities in eastern Russia has deteriorated significantly since the outbreak of the fire.
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The smoke is said to have reached the Tyumen region of western Siberia, six hours from the east coast.
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New tactics to fight forest fires
A fire in June released about 50 megatons of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to Sweden's annual carbon footprint, according to Cams.
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Caption fire hit the famous Siberian taiga
How unusual is it?
From May to October, frequent fires occur in the Arctic Circle. Forest fires are a natural part of the ecosystem and have some environmental benefits, according to the Alaska Center website.
However, the size of these fires, and the large area they occupy, make them unusual.
"It is unusual for a fire of this magnitude and duration to occur at such high latitudes in June," Parrington said.
"However, Arctic temperatures are rising much faster than the global average, and warmer conditions promote growth and survival in the event of a fire."
Extremely dry soil and above average temperatures, coupled with heat waves and strong winds, have led to the active spread of fires.
Burning was supported by exposed, thawed, dried peat and forest floors composed of high carbon content materials.
Dangerous reinforcement
Currently, global satellites are monitoring the ongoing floods of new forest fires in the Arctic. The condition was established in June, the hottest June on earth seen in the Instrument Age.
The fire releases large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane that have been stored in the country for thousands of years.
According to researchers, we're looking at evidence of expected feedback in a warmer world, where higher concentrations of greenhouse gases cause warming and create conditions that release more carbon into the atmosphere. is.
Many of the fine dust particles from these fires eventually accumulate on the frozen northern surface, darken and accelerate thawing.
Everything is part of the verification process.
What fires are prevented?
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Russian authorities have argued that most fires have not intervened and that costs have outweighed the damage caused by flames.
"They do not threaten settlements or the economy," a news agency in the Krasnoyarsk Regional Forestry Ministry told a Siberian news site.
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It is very difficult for caption authorities to put out the fire
The hashtags #SutoSiberianfires and #saveSiberianforests are increasing on Twitter after Russians complained that the government was not doing enough to deal with the crisis.
Some claim that Notre Dame's fire in Paris has received much more media attention than forest fires.
"Remember how far the news of the Notre Dame fire spread? It's time to do the same with Siberian forest fires," tweeted.
Another person says, "Remember that nature is not as important as history. Many animals have lost their homes, and many are probably dead. It is painful to think alone."
Alaska Center says, “I agree that fire protection can be more harmful than forest fires