Prochlorperazine capecitabine

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Prochlorperazine is a drug known in U.S. as Compazine. It is used for marked nausea and vomiting that can occur with chemotherapy, radiation treatments, surgery. In severe vertigo with nausea it may be helpful. It is an effective anti emetic.

It is a phenothiazine, like Thorazine.. a first generation antipsychotic. However, it is not used to treat psychosis.. It capecitabina precio possibly may have the side effect of tremor like first generation antipsychotics, but not a common problem. There also is some sedation.

Nausea is triggered by areas of the gut, ear, and chemoreceptors. They are regulated by serotonin/dopamine, and serotonin/dopamine acetylcholine/histamine. Blocking dopamine, which prochloperazine does, will reduce the nausea signal and perception of nausea.

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