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Cord blood storage is one thing that more and much more parents are deciding to do for his or her infant's future benefit. There are plenty of good reasons to store your son or daughter's banking umbilical cord. Umbilical blood storage also keeps a few of your kid's stem cells available to them as well.

Stem cell studies have grown greatly during the last couple of years. We now know much more about them and just how valuable they may be than we have ever known. Stem cells may be used to regenerate new healthy cells in the event of diseases like cancer. Stem cells could also help produce a healthy immune system. Umbilical blood has additionally been utilized to help treat over 80 diseases including leukemia, sickle cell disease in addition to inherited disorders including metabolic disorders, disease fighting capability disorders and bone marrow disorders.

There are other reasons why you should store your kid's umbilical blood, in addition to the concern with cancer and other diseases. If your child is of mixed ethnicity, it may be difficult to get stem cells that will be suitable for your child's cells.

In case you are adopting a newborn child, storing the umbilical blood, could help you and also the child down the road specifically if the birth parent's health background is unknown. Knowning that there is precious very little time to pick cord blood storage is essential. It may only be stored at birth, and also you must let your doctor know that you would like to take part in umbilical blood storage before you decide to give birth that way they are fully aware of your intentions and will make sure that a medical facility takes the correct precautions to save the valuable cord blood.

What goes on in your child's cord blood should you decide to not take part in cord blood storage? The hospital merely throws it away with some other biological waste that could occur using the birth of one's child. With all we know about the stem cell rich blood, why would we merely dump it?

You may be asking yourself what the price of storing your kid's blood will be, the original collection could cost approximately $2,000.00 having a storage fee of $125.00 a year, most cord blood storage facilities set up payment plans with you, that way there is no need to bother with paying of the entire $2,000.00 in advance.