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We all heard the news. California drought! Yes, many of us have an impact. Compared to California's 90s drought. Worse? Will it rain after a few months of the harsh summer? Take a look at the rain and drought patterns of the 31 states participating in the coalition.
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In April 2009, California launched a water conservation program due to perennial drought. Bakersfield is expected to reach an average of 6.5% annually. In fact, the average rainfall between 1999 and 2006 was 4.8%. The same is true for Los Angeles. Los Angeles is expected to average 15% annually, but statistics show that the average is 13.8% (even from 1999 to 2006). There is a clear problem here in California.
The combination of drought and financial problems has made California a major problem. Central California, where farmland is located, is particularly affected. Destroy crops and lose farms. No income? Small businesses are being forced to close down because no one has the money to buy. I know that it 's not just California. But in California, the problem is so severe that cash offices have to close the door.
Limiting droughts, settlers, and delta water levels for courts is not enough to avoid. Our beautiful mountains are no longer covered with snow. Large reservoirs and underground pools are far from the average.
What is a drought? How do you water these important apricot, garlic, and corn water sources? The California government has established a Drought Water Bank. According to the site, the third year is in a "severe" drought. Yes, a severe drought for three years immediately after a drought-like condition. The Drought Water Bank (DWR) will produce water in 2009, primarily from water suppliers in the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta region, primarily from its own sellers. Inaccessible people find another way Schwarzenegger has announced several plans for the DWR, including active water protection, financial support for drought programs, and technical assistance to small-scale water systems and owners. Must have private well and drought education and program information.
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DWR is not a new concept. Used in the early 90's and in droughts from 2001 to 2004.
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As you can see, drought is not uncommon in this situation. In other states. Remember the powder bowl? Well, it was a dry and difficult time.
As far as we strive, the only thing that drags California into this difficult time, the new flaming season, and rising product prices is God's merciful act.