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What choices should you make when viewing news from the world? CNN or BCC: Which news channel is best? What do I need to watch a good world news channel? No matter what company or sector, you need to know the latest news from around the world.
Some new stories and current events are also important. For example, the last show of a stylist was a great disappointment, but you are still buying products and shirts from this designer. What is the news from the world for?
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Remember 9/11? Many did not know about the accident and lived as usual. News channels around the world study history and publish videos. (I can't forget today's scene). Recall the assassination of Pakistan's PM Benazir. People near the site did not even know about the accident because there was no electricity in the area.
One hour after the various websites and news channels around the world began to show the news of death, awareness increased. (All citizens are shocked and angry for about a week.) Roads are blocked and public schools report four days of vacation. Some reported for up to a week. Both CNN and the BBC have widely reported this news. Local news channels have attracted more information and more public attention.
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Regardless of the event or event, you must have complete knowledge and awareness of the world of events around the world. Watching news from the world is essential for business people. The price of certain flour or oil in the country can affect your business. To expand your investment, you need to know him. Economic inflationary pressures are often not publicly known. You need to know where I am. For example, if a person earns $ 10,000. Inflation has risen by 3% and his income is $ 12,000. In fact it is still bad. (Consider the same situation where the size of the cake increases, but the number of people who eat it also increases. Where are you?) In fact, there is no difference.
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It is important that bakers follow the world news. Increased demand for baked goods is one of the reasons for the rise in flour prices. As oil prices are rising in global markets, rising oil and gasoline prices are important for transportation companies. Soy and food traders and traders also need to be aware of general price increases in global markets. Why do goldsmiths need to be excluded from market research? Daily monitoring of gold prices (both internationally and locally) is very important to them. In addition to any business, you need to fully cover the world's news.