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To begin with, the chances of causeing this to be a top paying career are remote. Also, it really is work. There may be times in which you simply don't feel like pleasuring yourself, but finishing the job and being a professional are essentials for fulfillment.

In case you are amenable to a little hard work and lots of fun, here are some tips to learning to be a sex toy tester.

Produce a sex blog

Create a sex blog and generate a following. Once you achieve these goals, contact the sellers/manufacturers of your choosing and refer them your website. Many erotic shops is going to be pleased to provide test types of new services so that you can review. They generate buzz about the cock ring by submitting these phones sex blog owners and you develop a list of potential customers for his or her product. The very best news of most, you're able to keep your sexual aid.

Try classifieds, forums, crack houses and appearance engines

Sex toy publication rack always trying to find people to test the numerous gadgets they receive from toy manufactures to separate the magnificent from your mundane. The greater the sample size the greater accurate the general review of the product. An accurate review of a great product garners an extremely happy subscriber base plus more repeat business. These are the explanations why many toy sellers actively recruit for volunteers over the Internet. A lot of companies will place ads in classifieds (like craigslist) or call someone for volunteers through their websites, forums and social websites.

Performing a simple search will net you 1000s of hits. Many links is going to be outdated, so it is smart to narrow your research for this year.

Apply for a job in a masturbator company

Look out for open positions. Many companies have their employees test new services. Think it over a perk. Obviously you will require marketable nonsexual skills to think about this option.


Show initiative. Contact sex toy companies and convince them they would take advantage of the services you receive. Perform some research regarding adult sex toys and also the masturbator industry. Make sound, logical arguments about the advantages of adult toy testing and how it might benefit their company and back those arguments with numbers when possible. Again, a specialist approach goes a considerable ways.

Possible medical issues

Most professions don't come with out a certain pair of dangers. Injuries may appear when performing even the most mundane job (repetitive stress injury anyone?), and sex aid exams are the same. So... which are the potential issues?

Possible toxicity Phthalates, which can be banned in children's toys, could make up for longer than 50% of some of the most popular adult sex toys. Phthalates are utilized to soften plastic and make it more malleable and are some of the most popular substances in manufacturing. In large doses, Phthalates are considered carcinogenic and also have caused birth defects in mice.

Possibility of injury Yes, you can hurt yourself. Over stimulating your clitoris can cause lead to a condition called "vibratory strain injury" that is a type of repetitive stress injury. Male sex aids that constrict blood circulation (i.e. penis rings) may cause "penile strangulation". It is also smart to be mindful of how big the device and where you're sticking it. Huge adult toys can tear tissue and membrane in the vagina and anus. Smaller toys, like vibrating eggs could possibly get "lost", especially in the anus. When that occurs, it's going to probably need to be retrieved through the er doctor. Another issue, the items can break and lodge within an orifice while in use. An issue that will always garner an undesirable review.