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Web push notification company, PushPROS, has recently announced the acquiring of Aimtell, founded by DJ Swanepoel in 2015. The acquisition of Aimtell will give PushPROS a whole push treatment for give the market industry that will serve as a powerful tool for all in internet marketing as well as the online world as a whole. Companies and folks that be employed in the digital market from lead generation and traffic acquisition to e-commerce and customer retention will greatly benefit when partnering with PushPros Aimtell.

“We are excited being working closely with DJ Swanepoel and Aimtell. The joining of the advanced push notification platform in Aimtell, with this own proprietary AI messaging machine, changes the landscape of push messaging and monetization,” said PushPROS founder Jeff Usner.

Aimtell will even now be in a position to add a new layer of chance for their existing clients with the PushPROS AI powered Ad network that users of Aimtell should be able to implement with just a click of a button. Combined with the added monetization features arriving at Aimtell, Aimtell clients will also benefit from exciting additional features and technology in 2019 and beyond. Aimtell is devoted to creating the sophisticated messaging platform inside the online marketing space. This is exciting news for the 20,000+ sites now using Aimtell to grow their businesses.

About Aimtell

Aimtell is really a cloud based marketing platform that allows digital marketers and businesses to send web-based push notifications based on custom events or site activity to desktop and mobile phones. Aimtell is really a California based company that gives an electronic digital outbound marketing platform that provides push notification marketing to business and organizations. Aimtell has its unique proprietary technology that permits businesses to leverage big data to transmit highly targeted notifications to an incredible number of users instantly.

With all the Aimtell platform that allows users to re-engage their site visitors through targeted mobile and desktop web push notifications, problems like funnel and cart abandonment are solved. Aimtell powers web push notifications for over 20,000 sites including: Shopify, Collegeboard, American Home Shield, Lotte, 3DayBlinds and Radware with 80 billion push messages shipped to date.

"We started Aimtell at the first emergence of web push and possess worked tirelessly to offer our customers using one of the strongest platforms in our space," said DJ Swanepoel, Founder and CEO of Aimtell. "Taking our relationship with all the PushPRO team one stage further enables us to secure our spot as the leaders in the marketplace by leveraging their expertise to take forth another selection of services and features for your customers."

About PushPROS

PushPROS is beginning to change a with their cross-channel AI optimized messaging machine. PushPROS can be a leading edge innovative company with headquarters in Annville, PA that expands around the capability to communicate with highly targeted audiences and existing online traffic with web push notifications. Companies can expand the ROI potential on traffic already being shipped to a website by simply adding the push opt-in which is as fundamental as copy and paste. The PushPROS take over from there with a fully managed push solution.

Companies that wish to outsource push notification management and businesses that need to manage their very own push notifications is now able to change it with PushPROS. Even if a small business is using another push provider, through the PushPROS extension, there is much more revenue to be made when you use PushPROS in many with a separate push provider.

“We are beyond looking forward to supplying a complete push solution so whether a business wants to outsource their push management, handle it completely themselves or feature an additional monetization tool to their existing push efforts through PushPROS Extension, we've a chance to help them increase revenue,” said PushPROS CEO Michael Usner.