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Fire Dampers are generally passive fire protection systems which can be specially engineered in how it gets close when there is a boost in temperature so as to stay away from the spread of fire.

Fire Dampers bring avoiding fire, so proper steps needs to be taken for proper maintenance of these dampers. It is important to avoid multiplication of fire which can be caused within the ductwork and also prevent transmission of flame where ductwork penetrate fire barriers.

Initially, proper testing ought to be done during the time of its installation which is operational testing ought to be done of fireplace damper in order to ensure that it's functional then there is full use of it also becasue it is components, verification should be done that most the products are placed properly within their spots, along with other important verifications. All of this testing done should then be documented which has all more information in regards to the fire damper instructions regarding its installation.

After the amount of one year of installing fire and smoke dampers, it's important to become inspected according to the National Fire Protection Standard and therefore the frequency ought to be every Four years and 6 years for hospitals.

The next activities must be performed at the time of inspection:-

1] The fusible links for fire dampers where it's applicable ought to be removed for testing purpose.

2] All dampers ought to be operated to be able to verify they close properly and fully to prevent spread of fireplace.

3] If the latch is being provided laptop or computer ought to be checked and moving parts lubricated if required.

4] There isn't any interference due to rust, misalignment, damaged frames or blades, defective hinges or parts, or bent tracks should be confirmed.

5] All inspections done of fire and smoke dampers should be documented properly which include the facts such as the location of inspection, date of inspection, inspector, and applicable deficiencies.

6] In the event the damper just isn't operating properly than the repairs shall begin without doing any delay.

Smoke dampers are meant for installation in ducts and air transfer openings which are engineered to face up to the passage of air and smoke. Other safety measures which needs to be looked after are:-

• It should be checked on a proper basis the external components of each damper for signs and symptoms of physical damage, obstructions preventing proper functioning, defective and missing parts, and proper labeling.

• Verification should be carried out concerning the proper sealing of the damper.

• Be sure that the damper is able close fully.

• Tthere shouldn't be blockage from your closure and must not penetrated by foreign objects because it affects fire damper operations.

• It ought to be ensured when fusible link is broken than it is being substituted for a web link of the identical size, temperature, and load rating.

Thus testing and safety precautions are very important to be done so concerning be sure that it really works at its best at the time of fire and life safety event where it really is most important to operate. It is necessary for doing inspections regularly in order that the system is always ready because we never know when the unexpected event will probably occur.