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A rabbit vibrator has two parts: the original penis shape plus a section which energizes the clitoris. It gets it name from the shape of the clitoris stimulator, that is like two long rabbit ears. Many reasons exist for why you ought to invest in this particular vibrator, but here are the best six reasons.

Reason 1 - Have more Orgasms

Many women find it difficult to go through the Big O when it comes to vaginal penetration alone. Using the silicone rabbit vibrator, you obtain both your clit as well as your vagina stimulated simultaneously, meaning women who only usually orgasm with clitoris stimulation will like the experience of more orgasms with this particular vibrator.

Reason 2 - Enjoy Double Stimulation

Double the stimulation means double fun. The rabbit vibrator is exclusive in the design. Traditionally shaped vibrators only stimulate the vagina, while butterfly vibrators only stimulate the clitoris. Rabbit vibrators stimulate both areas, supplying you with the best sensation and which makes it easy for you to see real orgasms as often as you wish to.

Reason 3 - Teach Your system to reply to Vaginal Stimulation

If you do find it hard to orgasm when making love having a partner, or when only vaginal penetration can be used, you may find that buying a rabbit vibrator solves your problem. By it regularly, you'll teach your body to answer vaginal stimulation with all the penetration, while still experiencing the clitoris stimulation.

Reason 4 - Experience Are more durable Orgasms

Vibrators last longer than any man can, then when you use your rabbit vibrator you will see that you will find more durable as well as multiple orgasms. You can set the speed on your own vibrator to begin with a slow vibration and end having a quicker vibration setting to extend the orgasmic experience.

Reason 5 - Have Better Sex with Your Partner

Employing a vibrator might help your body to find out to respond to vaginal penetration, that serves to discover youself to be enjoying increased amounts of satisfaction sex along with your partner. You can encourage your spouse to stimulate your clitoris while penetrating your vagina (just like your vibrator does) for better sex. You may also make use of your rabbit vibrator as part of the foreplay, getting the partner setting the pace and use the vibrator to stimulate your body and get you ready to get the best sex you will ever have.

Reason 6 - Become Happier and healthier

Scientists have proven that women who regularly experience orgasms are happier and healthier. Orgasms are nature's means of de-stressing the body and sending the sense good endorphins to your brain. Even though you may not need a present partner, you need to enjoy regular orgasms for your own personel sake and a rabbit vibrator is the best way to experience the Big O if you need to.

Purchase a jack rabbit vibrator and you will love the changes it produces in your sex-life. Enjoy more durable, multiple orgasms with the double stimulation the rabbit vibrator provides and experience better sex together with your partner.