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Sexual lubricants bring various purposes by each person. Some use sexual lubricants for contraceptive purposes only while some others use such lubricants so they can improve the pleasure received from intercourse. Yet others insist on using lubricants for oral sex purposes as well as for this purpose, typically the most popular sexual lubricants are flavoured sexual lubricants. Flavoured sexual lubricants can be purchased in a variety of flavours but perhaps the most widely used amongst every one of these flavours may be the strawberry flavoured sexual lubricants. Since flavoured lubes will be more often used for oral pleasures, the water based sex lube takes the forefront due to the attraction to women. This is not just when it comes to taste and also the aroma which it gives you.

The strawberry is one of the most popular fruits nowadays and strawberries have already been grown since time long forgotten. The easy thought of a flavoured lubricant is often enough to get the hormones flowing which is one of the greatest reasons for this to be a popular selection of lubricants.

While there are many popular flavours of lubricants for example cherry etc. the strawberry flavoured personal sexual lubricant is certainly the most used of all other lubricants. Strawberry flavoured lubricants are unanimously voted for by most couples having part in researches thus the information come from the consumers themselves. puts Astroglide because the most preferred flavoured lubricant amongst others that are offered on the market.

Since flavoured lubricants are water lubricants, they've created for the safest sort of edible lubricants and something can swallow these lubricants without any worries of inhibitions. Furthermore, these water based lubricants also contain the benefits of water based lubricants including no staining of sheets and clothes. Being water based lubricant though makes strawberry flavoured lubricants vulnerable to drying off easily and therefore makes for a drawback of these lubricants. The odor of the strawberry flavoured lubricant creates an aromatic environment during oral activities also.

Flavoured lubricants are preferred particularly when couples are not big fans of each others taste and smell plus such cases, such flavoured lubricants such as strawberry flavour give a happy and satisfying sexual experience.