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Guys who experience a significantly bent penis - that have what would medically be going to be Peyronie's disease - face several challenges, including some linked to sexual or penis health. Although treatments are being developed that can help a man using a severely bent penis, there's still a great deal that is being learned all about Peyronie's disease yet still many times whenever a man having a bent penis should seek accommodations of some sort. For example, he could need to give consideration to what sex toys he does or does not incorporate into his sex play.

Bent vs curved

Lest a lot of men be worried about whether they have Peyronie's disease , nor know, it is critical to realize that in lots of men, some extent of curvature of the penis is totally natural and not a penis health issue at all. It's only when the amount of curvature is really extreme as to cause pain or to interfere with penetrative sexual experiences that problems arise.

Peyronie's disease generally is the place there is some trauma to the penis - one-time or repeated - that damages the fragile penile tissue. If the tissue heals, some scar tissue or plaque also forms. This is just part of the process of recovery. The problem is that scarring does not have the pliability and stretchiness that penile tissue does; it is this flexibility that enables the penis to cultivate from its flaccid state into its longer and thicker erect state.

A man's penis still becomes erect, speculate the penis elongates, the medial side that has scar tissue cannot stretch as far as the other sides, causing the penis to bend up, down, on the left, or to the best.

Use of adult toys

So how does this affect a man's use of vibrating penis sleeve? In many instances, it doesn't, but in others it could.

Take, as an example, the simple penis ring, most likely the sex toy most often used by men. Male organ ring, which may be made of metal, silicone, latex, leather, or another materials, is supposed to go around either the shaft of your penis or the shaft and balls. It is tight (but not so tight regarding cause pain), and also this tightness helps to trap blood in the erect penis, enabling a person to easier attain and keep an erection. However, lots of men with a severely bent penis may experience varying examples of pain throughout an erection, and it's also possible that a penis ring may exacerbate this painful state.

Similarly, penis sleeves - hollow cylindrical objects supposed to have been worn within the penis - may indeed help temporarily straighten the bent penis somewhat even though the penis is within the sleeve, and that can be a benefit for men and his partner. But in especially severe cases, the "pull" that creates the straightening will add to the pain brought on by the bend.

However, most sex toys should be of use to a man having a bent penis. Often, Peyronie's disease might be accompanied by a loss of some penis sensation, due to the relative insensitivity of scar tissue formation, which may affect a man's sexual enjoyment. Sex toys such as prostate massagers or vibrators may help to increase sexual sensation to "make up" for the loss caused by the scar tissue.