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Imagine if I gave you a Rechargeable Cordless Wand Vibrator so that as you waved it up, poof! - the exact life you want appeared? Probably you would call that an illusion, as promised of the world often is. It's amazing, is absolutely cool to view and imagine being a truth, yet you realize it's simply an illusionary technique that wants to fool you into thinking it is real.

I'm fresh out of magic wands, however do have some real magic to express. And the magic isn't a fantasy either, it is real! You've undoubtedly heard of the law of attraction, a simple universal principle. Since the movie "The Secret" premiered, society has opened up to this principle. Perhaps you've also heard that that which you focus on expands and shows up in your life. This is absolutely a truth!

Scientists inform us that we are made up of 99.9999% energy. Which means we are merely a very small fraction of one percent as physical form. Energy once formed never dies and is also continually in motion throughout the universe. Therefore the thoughts we create inside our mind continually move as energy around the world around us, creating the situations that individuals experience. Those thoughts will be either positive or negative, and also, since likes attract likes, whatever that thought originates as, it'll continue to expand because vibration form - either a positive or even a negative.

So if you're focusing on all the unpleasant things in your lifetime - relationship issues, anger, insufficient money, health issues, job unrest, etc, you'll find that those situations keep appearing and not seem to stop showing up. But on the other hand, if your thoughts concentrate on how blessed you're, on the wonderful people that are around you in your own life, the fact that you live abundantly and also have enough (even if you really desire something more), and that situations are working for your highest good, then that positive energy continually unfolds new pleasant and happy experiences.

Now that doesn't mean that either of these scenarios are without any problems. Everyone experiences problematic situations in life, but sometimes it is the way the situation is perceived that produces the difference. Here's a good example. You and someone you love had a confrontation. You both see things differently and you both are mad, this is why no way to eliminate this because you feel justified inside your belief - your partner is wrong! Yet remaining angry won't ever fix anything. So let go of the need to be right, and realize that both of you might have your own truth in a situation. As individuals we are unique and definately will always have our very own perception, which is okay. Nobody told you it had been okay? It really is! Hold in your truth (perception) and permit the other person to keep onto theirs. You are probably not likely to change their viewpoint and you sure usually are not changing yours, right? You don't have to go along with them to love them, and when you validate their truth for the kids, peace unfolds. Isn't peace what you would really like to accomplish?

Here's another example. You hate your job. It's just a job and pays your debts but you dread getting up in the morning all night to work. Yet you realize you have to in order to survive at the moment, so that you live in a constant condition of stress, unrest, resentment and perhaps anger. This is a total negative state and will only lead to more negativity in your life. Instead, begin each day with gratitude that you've a job to attend. Gratitude is surely an expression of love - an optimistic - and can reap for you personally positive results. I be certain that if you start your day with thoughts of thanksgiving for your job, your mood will look different. But concurrently, know what you'd like a job to check like and set that thought out there.