You and the Garbage Chute - What's Really Lurking in This Dark Place?1260032

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If you're looking for a green-minded company to your sanitary services, take a look at online. In the event the maintenance of trash chutes is neglected, the tenants of businesses and homes can suffer. There are many unsanitary items we dump every single day, like used feminine supplies, stinky diapers, and rotted food. And when you get rid of these things utilizing a chute, it is just understandable that gross stuff would build up. This may leave your garbage smelling pungent, not to mention which makes it a host for bacteria and germs.

The specialized cleaning services make cleaning your garbage chute simple and easy , safe for the environment and your tenants. By completely removing all of the gunk that has built up inside the trash chute, the risk and smell are cared for. One of many services an environmentally friendly company stands behind is their usage of fragrance-free cleaners. The chutes already smell terrible, so they really don't increase the problem by using harsh chemicals that release noxious fumes. The workers operating the apparatus are thoroughly educated around the cleaning process and mechanics, meaning no extra water, cleaner, or energy is utilized. As a result your cleaning extremely energy-efficient.

The whole process is relatively easy. The equipment needed for the cleaning is transported to the peak floor towards the highest trash chute door closer. All the other chute doors are safely closed and sealed to ensure no energy is wasted. A special winch cable gets lowered right down to the bottom floor for the dumpster room. A device referred to as Whirrly Bird will then be connected to the cable, where it's shoots blisteringly hot, highly pressurized water around the walls, cutting from the build-up.

Insects, waste, and bacteria are blasted away with a non-toxic, EPA approved detergent. These 3 components are what create the nasty smell that lingers around a garbage chute, making an unsanitary and putrid experience for that tenants with the building. Once this detergent has cleaned and sanitized the walls from the chute, these pests are effectively eliminated, and new growth is hindered.

Clear, less-pressurized water will then be sprayed around the chute following the detergent has been applied. This part of the process removes the dislodged gunk and dirt that may still be hanging to the walls. This "rinse cycle" will then be followed by a thorough sanitization and deodorization to ensure the chute stays nice and clean smelling for several more weeks.

The winch cable will then be retracted once this final washing has been completed. Once the doors are unsealed and it is all totally squeaky clean, the used water flows all the way down the floor drain. Furthermore, the dumpster itself also turns into a good cleaning.