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Zepto Life Technologies are a diagnostic testing company having a point of care immunoassay testing device. The testing platform is based on the giant magnetic resistance (GMR) technology, the same technology which is used in computer hard disks. The GMR biosensor has many attributes which make it advantageous for diagnostic testing. These attributes include the small size the sensor, the little sample size required and also the rapid signal generation. The GMR biosensor at the core with the testing platform is coated with capture molecules, like antibodies to help make the tests highly specific for your analytic target. The GMR signal that is proportional for the concentration of the analyte can create the signal instantly, meaning that the signal just isn't determined by another chemiluminescent or fluorescent reaction, thus supplying the clinician with results faster.

The microfluidics lab can perform performing exactly the same medical tests currently conducted inside a central lab in the clinician’s office. The GMR sensor is created into the microfluidic cartridge containing every one of the reagents necessary to conduct the diagnostic test, in addition to instructions for the reader for how to handle the reagents, the timing with the reaction(s), the flow rates through the microfluidics as well as the information to be reported without further intervention through the operator. The microfluidic cartridge is capable of doing handling plasma, serum, whole blood or another body fluids including urine, saliva and cerebrospinal fluid. The GMR technology for that immunoassays has a large dynamic range and high sensitivity. The large dynamic range means that it really is capable of quantifying an analyte more than a wide range of concentrations, which can be useful for quantifying biomarkers that could be present at a number of concentrations inside the population or fluctuate more than a range within an individual. The top sensitivity of GMR biosensors means that the machine is capable of conducting high sensitivity assays for analytes present at really low concentrations, like troponin in healthy adults. Using the lab over a chip technology the biosensor may be multiplexed and accustomed to detect and report the results from multiple analytes simultaneously from a single sample. This capability can offer the clinician with all the recent results for several biomarkers that after combined offer a better or complete diagnosis or enhance the monitoring of your previously diagnosed disease inside a patient. This includes diagnosing acute diseases like many of the infectious diseases, the monitoring of chronic diseases like diabetes and rheumatism or look at the effectiveness of ongoing treatments like those for cancer or cardiac disease. Besides the utility of the Zepto Life Technology platform within the healthcare industry, the top specificity and flexibility with the GMR sensors makes it adaptable to be implemented in other fields. The GMR platform might be used in environmental monitoring for that assessment of poisons in water or nutrient levels in soil. It doubles for that monitoring of the food to evaluate the product quality and safety of food and beverage products. The multiple analyte capabilities, small size and speed with the result delivery of the GMR system causes it to be very adaptable and able to be used across many fields to enhance the lives and quality of life for many individuals.